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Take the 2019-20 New York Knicks Ice Bath Challenge

Picture Pages! Picture Pages!

How well were you paying attention at media day?

Match the Knickerbocker with their feelings about ice baths (answers below):

1. RJ Barrett

You talking about ice baths?

2. Elfrid Payton

Right... Ice baths...

3. Bobby Portis

Ice what????

4. Taj Gibson


5. Marcus Morris

Did you say ice baths?

(note: all screen shots from during actual ice bath questions, via MSG/YouTube)


“I feel cold when I get out! But I do also feel refreshed. It just helps me get ready for the next day. It’s definitely something that a lot of vets tell you to do, training staff… and I do feel like it helps – you do feel better. Eighty-two game season, training camp, practices, stuff like that, it wears on your body, so anything you can do to help recover, you try to do it.”


“Ice baths? You mean cold tub? I mean, 21, probably up to like 26 you don’t do it, but after that, you, you use it. Personally I use it a lot to try and recover. You know a big thing in the league they’re doing that cryo thing now, the new tech that does the ice, the heat. There’s a lot of tech shit going on now.”


“Definitely take an ice bath every day. You get used to it. You hate it at first, but it makes your body feel better in the long run.”


“Ice baths? I’ll take ice baths, you know, before the game and after the game. I think it really helps you recover really well, it keeps you up for the season. I think it helps you through the entire long season that we have, 82 games. I know most people love to go in the cryo machine now, but I think there’s nothing like touching the ice water.”


“For me, I’ve just been using it over the years. I used to hate it, but the older I get the more I saw the love in it. It helps recovery. But you can tell – the longer I’ve been in the NBA – I started with the ankles, then the legs, now I’m going full body. So it’s a process, but it’s good for you.”

Answer key:

Don’t cheat! Here, have a look at some funny ice bath pictures before you look at the answers:

OK, ready? Here ya go.


1-C, 2-A, 3-D, 4-F, 5-B

Have YOU ever taken an ice bath? Discuss! There’s a reporter from True Hoop who might be very interested.