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Spurs 120, Knicks 111: Scenes from a plucky clunker

Turns out late 18-0 runs are problematic.

NBA: New York Knicks at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve heard Mike Breen say “Knicks down ten” more than “bang.” That’s just a guess, though. New York tipped off the season and they look like a much more cogent team but they still have their fair share of fatal flaws. It’s becoming clearer that coaching may be chief among them. David Fizdale loves to set up huge obstacles so that he can say the right thing about it in the presser.

The Knicks got down early with some terribly disjointed basketball. It felt like old times. But they fought back before it was too late. Coming down the stretch New York was in the thick of it, and then they allowed an 18-0 run. That was that.

Inaugural bucket courtesy of Marcus Morris.

He was booed by the San Antonio crowd after spurning San Antonio in the offseason. Will the Knick faithful want to do the same by year’s end? Tune in to find out! Decent game for Marcus, scoring efficiently, but he lost the plot as the game wore on.

Anyway, RJ Barrett had it going in transition, after a horrible start for the Knicks (1-11 before this).

RJ kept it rocking with a little turnover ingenuity.

That’s a special play and RJ is looking the part of a special player. Remember last year when people wouldn’t shut up about Kevin Knox being 19 years old? Well guess what? Knox is 20 and he really has a super soaker out there. Too bad he was giving it a lot of it back on the other end.

Luckily he seems to be in a good role, which isn’t the case for everybody. Coach Fizdale is decidedly confused about how to get the most out of people. He did press the right button in the second half by starting Elfrid Payton.

Expect more of that. And plenty of this...

The Knicks did what they could, but ultimately haven’t figured out how to play together or how to win the tough ones. Fading late as they looked unsure who to go to for points. Full recap to come, plenty more to cover. Basketball is finally, officially back.