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This Week in Knicks Social Media: The Knicks are back

The best of times and the worst of times



Oh yeah, they’re playing basketball.

Already this baby of a season has had highs and lows, comedy, tragedy and farce. Even in a world where a month is basically a decade (five weeks ago there was no Ukraine in our membranes!), this single week of basketball season somehow seemed like it was so much more. We’ve marathoned a gamut of emotions, on and off the court.

Basketball. Beginning-of-season hype. We start where we always do: Everyone is in the best shape of their lives! It’s go time! Let’s play!

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Almost go time... ⏳ #NewYorkForever

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Then reality sinks in. First few games are Ls. Gotta stay inspired. Keep the faith.

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It’s bout time to step up

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And then finally, Victory opens her wings to the Knicks and Joy flooded in:

(Note: this tweet from Frank is important also because click through to the replies which are basically all variations on “omg i love you so much Frank” and it’s just lovely and fills me with hope that there is goodness in the world.)

(Extra note: do you suppose Frankie’s real name is François?)

Off the court, in real life, things were much less rosy.

There were some good times (even while losing):

And the quotidian indignities of life:

Cute Knicks kid pics!

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Cool Kid! ❤️

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Some tasty snack breaks:

And a few forays into sneaker collections (we will be keeping an eye on future kicks posts):

As well as #sponcon Maple Mamba fashion:

All in all a typical week one.

Unfortunately this was no typical week for the Knicks.

Earlier in the week we heard the news that Dennis Smith Jr.’s stepmother died, sending him on an indefinite leave of absence.

Then came the word that Reggie Bullock, who already lost a sister to violence...

...was visited by tragedy again.

Bullock is remaining active on social media and vowing to fight gun violence as he has fought for LGBTQ rights

And the team is adding him to their tribute:

But there’s really not much that can be said after you read this heartbreaking post.

Strength and healing light to you and your family, Dennis. Peace be with you Reggie, and may both your sisters’ memories be a blessing.