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Ep. 18 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Knicks come under fire after up and down week. Who should be starting as injuries pop up?

Hey folks! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween and that you filled up on candy since the Knicks couldn’t fill their pillow cases.

All jokes aside, I’m excited to back to start November with another podcast!

I breakdown the last week of Knicks and NBA news. Why are people getting on Fizdale already after five games? Who should play with the injuries that are popping up? What is Frank Ntilikina’s status? And what needs to be done to improve the offense?

Lots of questions, I try to give you a route to the answers.

Also, I look at the Nets slow start and debate whether or not Joel Embiid is a dirty player. Let me know what you think about where the Knicks are at in the comments.

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Thanks as always for listening!