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Game Preview: Knicks @ Celtics, 11/1/2019

These green bugs again.

New York (1-4) slides over to Boston (3-1) to face the Celtics for the second time this young season. In the first game, the Knicks held tight through three quarters and then the axle broke. The fans at Madison Square Garden chanted “WE WANT FRANK” with the deeply struggling Dennis Smith Jr. at the foul line. Remember?

If you have a good memory, you’ll also recall that the Knicks have never won a game on Friday night since Robert Randolph picked up that old pedal steel and started twanging away at me. So I expect nothing but the finest in fake comeback drama.

After a spirited win over the Milwaukee Bucks, and having dispatched the Knicks only ten minutes ago, maybe there’s a chance they’ll take it easy on New York and slip and fall to their loser demise.

Good luck to Marcus Morris, who will surely get torched only to try and torch back. It’s like testing your new car’s 0-60 and emergency brake all at once.

Projected Starters

David Fizdale has a second chance to play Frank Ntilikina against Kemba Walker and USA Basket-Celtics again and he will! Still not clear what stopped him the first time.

I guess he was very happy with the way the team acquitted themselves in Orlando and he’ll be going with Frankie Teardrop, the French executioner, the Sultan of Swipe. Your cigarette names are dog shit. Yea anyway. It is very extremely especially obvious that not a thing otherwise matters but Frank! Kemba says, “Hate to see my veins injected with this French (and Canadian) venom.”

I wish nothing but the worst for you evil monsters.

The Celtics — I mean, didn’t the Knicks just play these screwballs? Hopefully this gets rid of them. Who cares, though. Kemba Walker is probably tight!


Key Matchups and Prediction

Drape. Frank. Over. Kemba.

Knicks by 69.

Warm Up Music

The full Ntilikina will be realized one day in Valhalla. I’ll see you on the road where the trees take the down the sky and make the earth bleed to water board your backcourt with it’s own blood. DEATH IS MARCHING ON YOUR SOUL!