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Calling all November P&T mailbag questions

You smell something?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Every year in western New York, there’s a day in November when the air smells like burning. It’s a natural scent, as seasonal as cinnamon or Labatt Blue. That crips smell means the start of the long, dark upstate winter. I love it.

Something smells around the Knicks these days, and it’s seasonal, too: that miasma of flop sweat and fear that another long, dark winter of management pulling the plug on their most recent master plan is a’coming. If Twitter is any barometer, I’m sensing more exhaustion and irritation about the Knicks’ early-season struggles than usual, which is saying something, given how frequently the Knicks struggle with early seasons. This town needs an enema!

So here it is: your November mailbag invite. Got a cathartic question, something to help relieve the pain of the young season? Share it. Got a response to all the negativity, thinking it’s premature for all the naysaying and press conferences? Trebek your feelings into the form of question. Hypotheticals on your mind? Narrative curiosity? Statistics? The past? The future? Whatever you got, give! Share your question(s) in the comments below or at P&T’s Twitter page. Bring yourself and your brethren, sistren and otheren some topical relief from press conferences and Cavalier blowouts.