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Bulls 120, Knicks 102: Scenes from Coby White singlehandedly destroying the Knicks

He scored more than the Knicks in the fourth quarter

NBA: New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Coby White outscored the Knicks 23-17 in the fourth quarter.

Does that pretty much tell you everything you need to know about how the Knicks lost by 18 tonight in a game that was tied through three quarters?

Yeah, it was ugly. Bobby Portis tied the game to end the third quarter, and momentum was actually in the Knicks’ favor going into the final period.

Then... it all went to hell.

Those five threes weren’t even the extent of it! He made two more after that!

But hey, don’t let the crappy end result distract you from the amazing game that RJ Barrett had: 21 points, nine assists, six rebounds and two steals on 50 percent shooting will definitely catch your attention. As will passes like this:

And dunks like these:

And generally looking untouchable like this:

RJ’s the truth, obviously. But you knew that already. Tonight just shoved it in your face again after a few lackluster performances in a row.

Otherwise... Taj Gibson came through pretty well in another starting effort, with 17 points on 8-10 shooting. Kevin Knox scored 10 points and dished four assists.

Julius Randle and Marcus Morris shot a combined 11-32. Frank Ntilikina affected the game well, but fell back into some of his passive tendencies on offense.

So all in all, this one kinda sucked. No, scratch that, it really sucked. At least the next game won’t be a nationally-televised game against a former player at home with a high chance of embarrassment! Oh, wait...

By the way, come watch that game with some of your favorite P&Ters:

Shwin will have your recap in the AM. Said he wanted to sleep on this one. I don’t blame him.