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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Daylight Savings

It got dark early

Hello, my little ducks! It’s that time where I have a peek into the lives of our tall basketball sons and say brief and moderately witty things.

(contemplative) soundtrack

I had a post all set, cheerfully shouldering through with our underachieving team. Then they went and beat a certain team from Texas, vanquishing the spectre of Tim Hardaway Jr. once and for all and ruining my narrative. So I started re-writing. But I am distracted and slow. Then came another loss. Then another. Now it’s dark again. Much, much darker. But we are not here to be dark, even if we cannot escape the chaos. We are here to Think About Other Things la la la la la.

So here is a hodge-podge with no overarching theme. Blame it on Dolan.

Sneakers! Important for playing basketball. ISO ZO — sorry, not supposed to call him that anymore — Allonzo Trier keeps it Knicksy with the orange and blue.

He’s got sneaker news. Congrats, PASS-FIRST ZO!

Other young guns are with the cat, however.

Dog-wise, RJ Barrett has a new friend. Meet (Lil) Kingston! Excellent tongue work, Kingston. 13/10.

I don’t know Mitch’s dog’s name, but I do know that it’s a good dog.

Cute Knick kids interlude!

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Hey pretty girl I miss you and I love you

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Basketball players are fans of other sports! Handegg, for example!

They support Handegg teams...

...go to handegg games...

someone win, please

...and meet handegg players (apparently these two never met in college. What’s up with that, Duke?).

They even reply to certain bloggers about handegg motivation!

They also go to (about to show my complete ignorance here) WWE(?) matches(?), which is a sport I guess(?) (Ed. note: It was UFC):

They do Esports, AKA play video games! Last year’s Fortnite frenzy seems to have faded somewhat, but if you want to play Mitch at Call of Duty, here he is:

Just don’t keep our young king up too late at night, OK? He might be going through some stuff.

On a more serious note, DSJ is back and thankful. Hey — let’s all be nice to him for a bit, ok? His hair is questionable but he’s a good kid and he’s ours.

Reggie Bullock’s tough run continued. After losing his sister earlier this season, his cousin also passed away.

The team is standing behind him, which means wearing his jersey because that’s how teams work.

(that’s RJ’s pic of Mitch wearing a Reggie jersey)

As for Reggie himself, he seems to be plunging forward...

...with moments of sweetness as well:

We may even see him on the court some day soon-ish!

Gonna close out here with an all-time TWiKSM great, who we haven’t heard much from lately. A great example of the change from the heady days of 2012 (link NSFW) to now: