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Knicks 106, Mavs 103: Scenes from the KP sucks game

KP really does suck

Dallas Mavericks v New York Knicks
Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Don’t be confused, that was a total weirdo game. It was so weird that the Knicks actually hit most of their free throws, including Frank Ntilikina icing the game with a pair. The Mavs actually had two last chances to tie it up with a three, but Marcus Morris put a stop to both of them. Ntilikina also helped shut the game down in the closing moments with multiple perfect defensive efforts despite having five of the tickiest tackiest fouls imaginable.

Dennis Smith Jr. and Mitchell Robinson both made terrific contributions. Julius Randle did what he could to take the reins as often as he could but he really wasn’t allowed the complete leverage he seeks. Despite letting Randle run 69% of the point guard duties, David Fizdale probably saved his and Scott Perry’s jobs tonight because the optics were big. If Brooklyn goes on to lose in Denver in the second game of the TNT double header, it could probably be used as leverage to get them contract extensions. Optics.

Oh and KP sucked.

RJ Barrett really hasn’t looked as good as he did the first few games. He’s had spots and spurts but hasn’t been nearly as consistent. Still imprints a largely positive impact and it never hurts when you do fun stuff like this.

Not enough pizzazz? Try this one on.

Oh, that works? Need another look at that?

He’s been slowly but surely carving out space in the rotation since getting back and Damyean Dotson seems to be identifying his role as a catch and shooter who gets after it on defense. If he can create going the other way thats great and I am much happier relying on D-Dot than some other folks even though his iso situations look very choppy.

Did I mention Dennis Smith looking good, because he did. He looked terrible when he played zone defense but the whole team looks bad when you don’t “dig in blue”. Let’s go blue! You’re my boys.

Sometimes Mitchell made his own opportunities.

Presented without author’s commentary.

Still sucks. Whoever didn’t box that pinhead out sucks too. Randle of course did strike down this poor flamingo and I must applaud him for it.

Anyway, why don’t we SHUT IT DOWN!

The biggest shot of the night was this one that made no sense whatsoever.

Good game, the Knicks! I love watching them gnaw off a few digits in a nail biter. I always will. I can love that and still find Fizdale’s decision making deeply questionable. I’m dogged that way. Can he improve over time? Yes I believe he can. Would I still axe him without trying to find out? Yea I probably would, but I’d trade Randle first. Full recap from the one, the only Professor is coming down the pipe and I know you’re trying to get it.