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Game Preview: Knicks at Raptors, 11/27/2019

Thanks for nothin’.

The Knicks (4-13) have been playing with a 12-second shot clock in practice. That should really help against this pack of psycho Raptors (12-4). Toronto is keeping stride with the top of the East despite losing Kawhi Leonard. They still heat up the ball and they force lazy teams to make bad decisions. Somehow they managed to retain an MVP candidate with Pascal Siakam sprinting into the new year. The gangly big man is now initiating sets, clearing out for 1-4 isolations and kicking on the afterburners to get to the hoop. Have a peek at this artist depiction of Siakam heading to the paint.

From Al Columbia’s familiarly horrifying book, Pim & Francie.
Al Columbia & Fantagraphics

The Knicks do have one hope and it’s in the coaching staff. Apparently Nick Nurse does not watch Knick games.

Yea they won’t.

Projected Starters

The Knicks are all busted up and unwell. Despite sore privates, crusted snot boxes and scuffed quads, you don’t have to worry, Canada, you’ll get your native son.

Perhaps even an unhealthy dose. Pass the Maalox.

Key Matchups & Predictions

Who knows what the Knicks intend to do with Siakam. Probably just try to eat his razor-clad chop attacks to no avail. Julius Randle will be squared up against him because David Fizdale loves to test his guys’ mettle. If there’s any consolation to Randle’s totally appalling defensive brain sharts, it’s that he actually does his move his feet well and that’s fortified by the ox force he employs whenever there’s a little blastula of chest to chest action.

Something tells me we’ll see a heaping helping of this:

Randle is Ben Simmons (just ask him). The Knicks are about to face a lot of talented teams. No more waste-oids like the Spurs and Nets. The good teams always have something to play for.

Knicks by -24.

Warm Up Music

Whether traveling or welcoming travelers, this is a quality chance to wish one another a very Happy Thanxgrieving! Maybe you’re out there somewhere with no friends or family to lean up to. An unwelcome spotlight on whatever chapter you’re on. The holidays can be harsh. Especially if you’ve had to contend with some of that good old fashioned American trauma! So just remember some rambling asshole’s saying: no pain, no gain. Whatever you’ve been through, it got you here. And shit, maybe you can drag some tired old crank through the darkness that brings the dawn.