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Game Preview: Knicks vs Sixers, 11/29/2019

Tuff turkey.

As you come to from your comas, whether food or mood induced, float back over to the rest of the world and get some cool, clean air. Because that’s your last burn of oxygen before the Knicks (4-14) slip off the curb and face plant on the median. A barrage of top-tier teams are lining up to spit New York onto your living room floor. Broken, decrepit. Hahaa.

Having trouble finding New York? Right, on the bottom.

First up is a team the Knicks actually fared reasonably well against only a few games ago, the Philadelphia 76ers (12-6). Philly was able to hold serve against the Raptors earlier this week but ultimately lost. As for New York versus Toronto, well if you didn’t see Wednesday’s game, suffice to say the Raptors have lots of enormous claws and sharp teeth.

After this one, over the next month, the Knicks have the Celtics, the Bucks twice, the Nuggets twice, the Blazers twice, the Kings who embarrassed them, the Nets who are an obnoxious little brat, the Pacers and Heat. Then in the new year they go out West, into a minefield with their clown shoes. Followed by a few more choppers against the Bucks, Nets and Raptors and they’ll still be a few weeks away from the All Star break.

The Knicks are currently 28th in pace, with the 29th offensive rating, shooting the worst 2-point and free throw percentages in the league, while also maintaining the 28th rank in assists, the second most fouls and the fewest points. Gotta get there, fast as you can.

Projected Starters

How do you cope? I like food.

The young Knicks are getting battered and bruised but have been mostly able to push through. Excellent attendance rate. Julius Randle too. Always there. Hanging around.

Elfrid Payton is still out. He’ll be back soon I guess. Other than Julius and Scott Perry, who cares? Yea, no one. One of these games, Frank Ntilikina will miss the next 35 games. So to whoever is hurting Frank’s groin, please be more gentle on his region. I know he’s beautiful, but for real, you’re being very Lennie right now.

If your bullshit gets him traded, I’ll hold you personally accountable.

Key Matchups & Predictions

Honestly the Knicks match up pretty nicely with the Sixers. Both teams have overcorrected to go big against today’s rightful preoccupation with small ball. This, somehow, leaves the Knicks actually rolling out units that play a little smaller than the Sixers. Be that as it may, Philly is more brutish, cunning and tactful. Top 10 in the league in steals, blocks, rebounds, FG% and assists. Good luck to the teams that are struggling to find good looks and have trouble defending through the shot clock. Which...

Pass the tryptophan. Knicks by -31.

Warm Up Music