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Ep. 19 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Why the rest of November might make or break the Knicks season and a message to the “Fire Fizdale” crowd.

Hey folks! I’m back with a brand new podcast this week after a difficult week for the Knicks.

Why can’t the Knicks find consistency? I also breakdown a tough start to the season for Julius Randle as a whole and why everyone is either high or low on Frank Ntilikina (it has something to do with his play believe it or not).

I also analyze why the rest of the month of November could make or break the Knicks season and I address the “Fire Fizdale” crowd.

Don’t worry I include some positives as well as there were some bright spots from a tough week.

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Listen to this week’s show by clicking here: Ep. 19 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

***I’m planning on doing a reaction podcast next week for the Knicks-Mavs game as KP comes back to the MSG. Let me know what you guys think of the idea in the comments!***

Thanks as always for listening! Have a great weekend!