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The Westchester Knicks’ G League season opener was postponed

Iggy Brazdeikis was scheduled to play.

Sacramento Kings v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Westchester Knicks were all set to play their season opener Saturday night against the Raptors 905. They even acquired super stud second-rounder Ignas Brazdeikis from the big club.

But the game Westchester Civic Center ended up postponed because the court was deemed unsafe. Here’s the official press release.

Well that sucks. C’mon, W-Knicks ... you’re supposed to be the more professional of the two Knicks. You’re the club that has made the playoffs recently and employed a legitimately respected coach (Mike Miller, the former G League Coach of the Year who now works as an assistant with the big club). You can’t have an unplayable court on opening night! That just looks bad!

Anyway, it is at least cool to see that Iggy will be getting burn in the G League. The big club is in New York for Sunday’s game against the Cavaliers, so it made sense to loan Iggy to Westchester Saturday night. Hopefully he gets a chance to dominate the minor league before earning his minutes in New York.