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Game Preview: Knicks vs Celtics, 12/1/2019

Justify your existence.

I’m not so sure we want to talk about the acute failures of the Knicks (4-15) nor the oblong successes of the Celtics (13-5). So I figured let’s have a fireside chat about a Celt who wore knickerbockers.

So ok, Im glad you watched, and welcome back. This is exciting, there is lots to talk about now. A new way of thinking. Light up the broccoli, Fiz.

Aye. I don’t relish this shit, man. Shoulda kept that one in your back pocket.

Projected Starters

Potential kink in the Knicks’ game plan with Marcus Morris listed as questionable with neck spasms. Mook definitely gets up for statement games, so his neck will have to be a real spazzola for him to miss this one against his former team. Other than that, Dennis Smith Jr. is the only Knick of note dealing with any problem. He’s listed as probable with a quad contusion. Morris’ neck aside, it’s starting to feel like the only injuries the Knicks check for are everyone’s quads and Frank’s groin.

The Celtics are largely healthy. The pale and orderly Gordon Hayward is still out after fracturing his left hand and subsequently having surgery, but it sounds like he’s getting close to returning. Can’t hide unenthused defamations. Oh well! Kemba Walker got whiplash when he ran into his very truck teammate, Semi Ojeleye, but he seems to be doing just fine.

Keys and Predictions

The first time these teams played, Frank Ntilikina got a grand total of zero minutes and Kemba Walker lit them up. Now David Fizdale is probably going to play Frank. Which is why we have to bring up this Bootum diamond.

If you look close enough, you can see Kemba’s sphincter tightening up every time he’s about to put the ball on the deck. He’ll turn to face Ntilikina and say, “Hands up where I can see ‘em, pal. Hey, hey you freakin’ punk, you got anything that will stick me?”

The only problem is that the Knicks are in a bad way. Disjointed, disappointed, no fire and desire. While the Celtics are simultaneously playing some pretty connected basketball and coming off a sloppy loss to the Brooklyn Nets. So they’ve got something to prove now. The C’s have been hanging in New York for a few days and I’m sure they’d like to show out on the big stage after getting waxed by Spencer Dinwiddie off broadway. Presumably they’re staying in Staten Island. It’s the closest thing they’ve got to home cooking.

Something tells me Marcus Smart is going to help force eight Julius Randle turnovers. I predict 19 total turnovers for the Big Apple kids.

Knicks by -12.

Warm Up Music

Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon a little more properly and whatnot.