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Game Preview: Knicks at Warriors, 12/11/2019

Night (t)errors.

Did you wake up to a stinking pile of losses? Yea guess what. The Knicks’ [(4-20) + (69 ÷ nice)] last chance to win a game this decade is tonight against the Warriors (5-20). They’ll probably finish the season with 13 wins if they can hammer this one down. You think I’m kidding. I’ll have you know that the Warriors defense can look like... well... like New York’s!

The old, “you do it, no I’ll do it, who’s man is this” switch. Here they go with a Julius Randle rim protection special.

Ha! Got you! You scored, but you flinched. So... did you?

Projected Starters

The Warriors stink and it seems like maybe Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were special talents this whole time. Now they are racing toward a top lottery slot. Draymond Green has too many defensive pores to clog these days, his great intermediary plays don’t stack as many bricks as they used to. Steve Kerr and his coaching staff are just trying to get the youngsters prepared to contribute in the future. Is that what the Knicks are doing?

Keys & Predictions

What would this game preview be if I didn’t sum it up in advance, so you don’t have to watch it first. Well, some notes:

  • D’Angelo Russell is gonna fire it up. 35 points on 29 shots.
  • Ky Bowman the Fly Showman is gonna speed boost past the second unit defenders.
  • Draymond Green will have a triple double and flirt with a 5x5 game.
  • Julius will unduly suck.
  • Kevin Knox will miss five three pointers in four minutes by a combined distance of 29 feet.
  • Frank Ntilikina will be too nice to everyone. Is today the day we finally say goodnight to our sweet prince?
  • RJ Barrett shoots 2-18 at the foul line.

Knicks by -19.

Warm Up Music