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Game Preview: Knicks vs. Hawks, 12/17/2019

Back to the rotten apple.

The boys are back in town after their first extended road trip of the season. Who’da thunk firing a discombobulated coach to install a pragmatic one would be a good character builder? We’re finally getting a sense of how “competitive” this team can be. The Knicks (6-21) nearly doubled their season’s win total on this trip. They’ve also drawn even with Cleveland and tonight’s opponent, the Hawks (6-21), in the overall standings. They now sit a game and a half over the worst-in-the-league Golden State Warriors. Even ESPN is talking about the (not especially) dramatic turn of events.

Sure they frame the story incorrectly, but the Worldwide Leader doesn’t want anyone to tell David Fizdale that they done him wrong. He’d be great on television. In fact I think he should take Richard Jefferson’s spot, effective immediately.

RIP, ‘Perb, you the best, lord!

Projected Starters

Kevin Huerter is questionable with a shoulder boulder and Jabari Parker is probable with a cankle sprain. Atlanta is already running without their springy forward John Collins because he got caught juicing. He’ll be back for their game on Monday against Cleveland. All this means we could see a lot more of Cam Reddish, who is coming off of missing a wide-open game-tying three.

Clammy. Wayne Ellington still has a silly Achilles and will not be performing. Allonzo Trier has a that-explains-it concussion. Reggie Bullock has theoretically been re-evaluated, but no timetable still for his wacky back.

Keys & Predictions

The Hawks’ offense is pretty much just Trae Young and whatever sticks with a healthy dose of Vince Carter being still terrific somehow. They are prone to stagnation. On defense they rotate slowly and incommunicado. If I were playing for the Knicks and Jabari Parker was guarding me, I would simply go around him. If I were playing for the Knicks and Trae Young was guarding me, I would simply bully his ass on the block. If I were playing for the Knicks.

If I were working in whatever it is department of MSG, I would hire Tina Cervasio back and shit can Rebecca Haarlow. I guess I don’t wanna fire anyone though, and Tina seems to be doing well. I’d probably just go see what Deb Kaufman is up to and chit chat. Whether we slander Haarlow or not is between us. Assume nothing.

Like I was saying, Taj Gibson should be feeling good after the rededication of a new court at the Ingersoll Projects where he grew up. That means he’ll finish ⅔ of Frank Ntilikina’s perfect assists instead of his normal ⅑.

It wasn’t long ago...

I’m betting Mike Miller sees these things. Knicks by (-2 x -5).

Warm Up Music

Same boorish Narcissus’ sad banal nature.