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Game Preview: Knicks at Bucks, 12/2/2019

Gyro stepping into tomorrow.

Tonight the Knicks (4-16) head to Milwaukee to take on the Bucks (17-3) in a soused gold sprint to nowhere. New York has careened off the road in an alley cat from the pit of your ass. It feels like there is almost nothing to be gained from committing to the tank (yet again) with the dumb Warriors Ted Shredding their way to a top pick that will help them launch back to the front of the peleton.

The fact that Julius Randle isn’t summarily panned as the worst signing of the off season remains strange to me. The Knicks are ceaselessly ridiculed for everything, why not this? How has Julius Randle’s pompous approach to a team game not drawing the ire of the media at large? Thomas Bryant was a better signing. Randle has had ups and downs, it’s not like he is a worthless player, he just has been profoundly, undeniably bad for this team which was put together to show some growth and develop its youth. There is no evidence of that having happened. Yet somehow David Fizdale seems to think the Knicks are getting better as a team.

Sure, pal. I’ll bite. The Knicks are getting better. They are a group of young players and new veterans that have not tapped into the ESP you need to show that they can hang in a league of virtuoso performers. The coaching staff and front office has also gotten better at painting lead bricks with gold leaf.

Projected Starters

Sterling Brown won’t play, he has a sprained AC joint. Which at first sounds like a real cool EZ Wider X Frigidaire situation. In truth, this is a shoulder injury. I’m sure some maniac pink and blue type of fella put him in a messy arm bar to knock him out a few games over a parking violation.

Despite Pat Connaughton’s media fiasco that isn’t being blown out of proportion, Flat Pat will play.

Yea man, the super powered Max Strus they call Pat Connaughton got got by some pathetic weirdo. Pat has since been like, “I dunno bro, maybe not, cus like... this sucks.”

Aside from that load of hooey, Brook Lopez is considered doubtful with a sprained ankle.

For New York, Frank Ntilikina is suffering from an upper back injury. Julius Randle’s knife was removed in the locker room during last night’s game and Ntilikina is considered questionable. Marcus Morris will miss his second consecutive game with a neck injury.

Keys and Predictions

With Ntilikina probably out, something tells me we’ll see the return of Allonzo Trier. Zo will get an efficient 19 points and four brutal turnovers, including two offensive fouls on consecutive possessions. If Wes Matthews and Pat Connaughton are making you look bad, I think it’s time for a change of scenery. Can we trade him to Australia?

Giannis will be chilling. The Bucks will just be squirting around and plunging threes into the Knicks’ belly. And then Julius Randle will be over aggressive and make Giannis bleed his own blood. Knicks will be down twenty after the first quarter. And for crying out loud, can someone put a body on DJ Wilson, please! Ultimately looks like a the Knicks will be losing this game behind a whirlpool of threes and a barrage of effortless tornado dunks.

Milwaukee just dominated the Hornets, then had time to pick their teeth with the bones. They must be getting hungry again.

Knicks by -47.

Warm Up Music

Giannis gathering at the mid court line.

Giannis dunking on your head.