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The Posting & Toasting Show: Episode 21

No this isn’t a repeat of last week, we swear


There will be a time and place when Drew, Shwin, and whoever is their very special guest is that week will not be complaining about how poorly coached the New York Knickerbockers are. That time and place, unfortunately, is still to be determined. In this week’ episode of the Posting & Toasting Show, the guys are joined by Terry from the NYK Terry & Tray Show on Youtube. After another loss to the Boston Celtics, the guys discuss how Fizdale lucked into a decent first half of basketball due to Marcus Morris not playing and how they all knew the game was over after one specific play. They also discuss the concept and issues of reductivism when discussing “who to blame” about this Knicks season. And last but not least, they answer a question from their good friend Mikey P. asked about Dolan and George Steinbrenner.