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Ep. 25 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

Break up the New York Knicks! Before they actually break up the New York Knicks?

Hey folks! Excited for another podcast this week!

Mike Miller has led the Knicks to winning streak!!! But what does it mean for his future. What has he done to change things and bring the Knicks their best stretch of the season?

The point guard situation continues to get murky. Should Elfrid Payton be starting? Where should the Knicks stand on Frank Ntilikina and Dennis Smith Jr.?

Finally, David Blatt is a consultant. When will the last straw come for Scott Perry and Steve Mills? Also, can Mike Miller save both of their jobs? Plus much more on the best week of the season for the Knicks so far!

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Enjoy the holidays!

Thanks as always for listening!