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Game Thread: Knicks at Heat, 12/20/2019

Clyde Frazier better be rejoining the team tonight.

Where’s Walt?

The Knickerbockers slip down to Miami for a quick down and back against the Heat, it’s like running suicides but with tight schedules, buses and private airlines. They’ll be right back where they come from tomorrow night to face the Bucks at the World’s Most you already. This is a real cracker jack club they got here in Miami. This may in fact be the hardest test this team has faced with Mike Miller as their head coach.

Speaking of head coaches, I wonder which side has the Gipper on it. Whichever team it is, I’m sure they’ll want to win it for him.

Game is at 8:00 on MSG. You wanna talk condos and corvettes, check out our friends over at Hot Hot Hoops. Don’t go posting no large format images or gifs or nothing like that in the comments section. That includes no illegal streams and the like. Lift someone up today. Let’s go the Knicks!