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Wizards 121, Knicks 115: Scenes from the wrath of Anzejs Pasecniks and friends

Some random dudes beat up the Knicks.

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Like an idiot, I decided to watch Monday’s Knicks-Wizards game before taking the three-hour drive to my parents’ house in Pennsylvania. The Wizards are bad and missing a ton of players, I thought. Maybe it’ll be a good game.

How wrong I was. Was this the most annoying loss of the Mike Miller Era? I’d say so. Yes, the Knicks were without Marcus Morris and Taj Gibson, but the Wizards were missing a good chunk of their regular rotation, and Bradley Beal didn’t even shoot that well — he was below 40% late in the fourth quarter. Still, Washington’s parade of G Leaguers and third-rate Porzingis wannabe Euro bigs absolutely stomped the crap out of the Knicks. There was the inevitable fake comeback, of course, but we are far too smart to pay attention to that.

Let me just say, before I go, that Bobby Portis totally sucks ass. He got absolutely decimated by some dude named Anzejs Pasecniks. Just destroyed in every facet of the game. And he picked up a tech, of course. Fake tough-guy bullshit is a hallmark of these Knicks teams.

We’ll have a proper recap for y’all tomorrow morning.