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Knicks 94, Nets 82: Scenes from a post-Christmas miracle

Krampus came and ate the Nets

The Knicks beat the Nets, 94-82, tonight.

Nay, the Knicks did not just beat the Nets. They bamboozled them. Shellacked them. Tallywackered them. Wait.

The Knicks must have asked Santa for some extra confidence (or maybe competence?) for Christmas yesterday, because damn, they had it going on in this game. Julius Randle in particular was far and away the star for the Knicks, dropping 33 points and eight rebounds on 14-26 shooting (including a career-high five 3-pointers).

Tonight’s game was Randle’s second straight effort with 30-plus points, and almost definitely his best game of the entire season. He played smarter on both ends than he has at any time I can remember this year.

Marcus Morris also had a great night in his return from a one-game absence. Mook started slow but finished strong with 22 points and eight rebounds on 8-16 shooting.

Mitchell Robinson notched a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds, along with a customary two blocks. He also seemed to break Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s spirits.

Oh, not to mention he threw down a dunk that reminded me of... man, I don’t even know. Young Dwight Howard? Mitch’s athleticism on alley-oops is completely off the charts.

All in all, the Nets shot 26.9% from the field and 26% from three. And that really wasn’t a fluke! They could’ve maybe shot a little higher if a few open looks fell, but by and large this was a great, stingy defensive effort by the Knicks. Culture!

Two days off and the Knicks will be back at it looking for redemption against the Wizards for that debacle this past Monday. MMiranda has the recap later. Bask in this victory, friends.