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Knicks 107, Wizards 100: Scenes from *another* win streak!

The Knicks streak into 2020

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The year 2019 is over for the Knicks, and...

That’s right! The Knicks won back-to-back games for the second time in the fledgling Mike Miller era tonight, stumbling a bit but ultimately getting their revenge on the Wizards, 107-100.

Things looked eerily reminiscent of the meeting between these two last Monday early. The Knicks went up by double digits in the first half before giving up runs and eventually letting up the lead, then entering the half up by one. Luckily, this time the Wizards didn’t get off to a 14-0 run to start the third quarter. The Knicks would go up as much as 15 in the second half and briefly cede that lead in the fourth quarter before finally stamping out the comeback by the Wizards and finishing this one up.

And with that, the Knicks now have one more win in the Miller era than the Fizdale era — in exactly half the amount of games.

Julius Randle was once again playing like a star for the Knicks, notching 30 points (his third straight with 30-plus) to go with 16 rebounds and six assists on 11-21 shooting. (He also had five turnovers, but most of those came early when he was struggling a bit.)

Look, small sample size and all that, but it seems like Julius is finally being put in a position to succeed. Much less isos, being encouraged to pass more. Sometimes that results in turnovers, but others result in some great assists.

RJ Barrett sort of busted out of the slump he incurred last game, dropping 14 points with 3-5 shooting from downtown.

Mitchell Robinson had nine points, nine rebounds and two blocks, and when he wasn’t in foul trouble (he finished with four, but managed to rein it in down the stretch) he was a huge positive force on both ends for the Knicks. Trades are probably incoming for the Knicks soon, and if they can manage to bring back a guy that does even half of what Mitch does as a rim protector to back him up, they could have a consistent presence on D at all times and not look completely flummoxed without Mitch out there.

Bobby Portis was scorching hot with 17 points on 8-12 shooting. Frank Ntilikina finished with eight points, five assists and four rebounds in 17 minutes off the bench, giving the Knicks a steadying presence when Elfrid Payton had a bit of fumbleitis at times in this one (six turnovers).

All in all, a pretty solid way to enter 2020. Good vibez only. Prez will have your recap in the morning. He was actually at the game! In the meantime, good night, sleep tight, and don’t worry, another Knicks loss is not coming to bite ( least not tonight).