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Celtics 113, Knicks 99: Scenes from Kyrie Irving Recruitment Night

We want Kyrie!

NBA: Boston Celtics at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

So, that was certainly a game. The Knicks could have very easily gotten rolled by the Celtics tonight with all of the players from the Porzingis trade as yet unavailable, but they actually kept it tight!

The main story of this 113-99 loss, however, was that the MSG faithful was in full recruitment mode for Kyrie Irving tonight, searching for a new savior after the Porzingis trade:

The perhaps future Knick dropped 23 points on 9-20 shooting at the Garden.

As far as the Knicks of the present, good on them for surviving the night. Three Knicks played over 35 minutes tonight (Kadeem Allen, Kevin Knox and Damyean Dotson), and all of them actually played pretty well in those big minutes.

Dotson was the star tonight for the Knicks, pouring in an efficient 22 points on 9-16 shooting with the team desperately needing someone that could put the ball in the bucket.

Knox was not nearly as efficient on his way to 21 points on 9-21 shooting, but he certainly had his moments. The rook is growing up right before our eyes as (arguably) the Knicks’ best young piece on the roster now.

Allen contributed nine points and five assists, and for a dude that’s spent most of his time in the G-League this year, he’s looked pretty good lately.

Oh, and Mitchell Robinson is amazing. This guy has just been carving out such a role for himself lately, and once his game is fully refined, he could be a huge problem in the NBA. Eight points, eight rebounds, and this b-yoo-tee-ful block on Jayson Tatum for the rook tonight:

Two last things. This was my favorite series in the game:

But this way far and away the highlight of the game for me:

If you feel like chatting this one out, check in with KnicksFanTV at 657-383-1509:

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