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Game Preview: Knicks at Hawks- 2/14/19

VD and the Straight Shot.

Hey, sweeties. So happy to have you join me on this love infested day. The Knicks (10-47) will be sending some heart eye emojis to the Hawks (19-38). Atlanta has become a feisty bunch of young talent, you don’t exactly want to bump the beaky with them. While they haven’t put it all together they are shaping up to be one of those tough out teams behind Trae Young and John Collins.

This will be the last game before the All Star Break and good grief could these Knicks use some time off. Dennis Smith Jr will be performing in the dunk contest along with Atlanta’s John Collins, so maybe we’ll get a little preview of things to come.

Projected Starters

The Knicks went extra large against the 76ers last night, probably because they didn’t know how else to match up. So I’m expecting a more traditional lineup from David Fizdale. Probably something more in tune with what they’ll want to trot out after the break.

Atlanta will be rolling without Knick legend, Jeremy Lin for today’s affair as he secured a release and is traveling North to a place where Linsanity spread its wings.

Sigh, we miss our ex.

Key Matchup

Dennis Smith has been doing a good job getting around screens and jostling with defenders for air space. If he can dig in on Trae Young early, and maybe spark some foul woes, New York might have a chance to push the Hawks around. If Young doesn’t want to get aggressive, it’s imperative on Smith Jr. to get a head of steam toward the rack. On the other end, we’ll see if Smith can show some tact by trailing Young everywhere he goes and getting under him as soon as crosses half court.

If not and he is just focused on the upcoming dunk contest, that’s fine. I mean what’s the use at this point? The Knicks stand to lose their 19th consecutive game if they can’t at the very least reduce the risk of Atlanta’s most potent weapon. Despite all the losing and potential losses, the Knicks are no closer to Zion Williamson. It’s not going to happen, and out of love, on this day, I urge you not to get your hopes up.

Walk on by. You’ll have to dance to keep from crying. Just smile. At least Frank Ntilikina will be back one day.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: 19 in a row.

Knicks by -24.

Warm Up Music

Happy Valentine’s Day you murderous weevils.