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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Gobsmacked

Team reactions to the Porzingis Trade


Hello voyagers, and welcome to the New World! We’re stepping out of our caves to see what the new day has brought. Everything looks the same but is all so different. Let’s stretch our legs, peer into the weak winter sunlight and take a looky-look at what our boys in blue (and our ex-boys) are saying.

When the news of THE TRADE began to break, your man with the itchy twitter fingers Enes Kanter was the first to comment, extensively.

Dude is nothing if not, um, loquacious.

He kind of fucks it all up with the next one though, so take this as you will. On the one hand I like it when players get spicy on social media because it’s fun and a look behind the masks, but on the other I’m over the drama and would like a little less complaining all around. This team has become whingy and I am not here for it.

Back to real-time, a more direct and response from Iso Zo, and perhaps the one we were all having:

He later gave shoutouts on the ‘gram

Also surprised, your current franchise player (!) Kevin Knox (with the excellent GIFage):

Emmanuel Mudiay gave a shout to Timmy, and none of the others, which was an interesting choice. Perhaps my phone glitched and I missed the others, or maybe the are good friends I do not know.

(although maybe he looks kind of mad at him in this pic and that’s the joke?)

And the players involved in the trade themselves? What do they have to say? Well, it kind of depends.

Trey Burke got out first on IG, expressing love for the City (presumably)

and then later gave a fuller and very sweet statement. Peace and love to you, Baby Iverson, and best wishes.

Timmy’s first note was somewhat cryptic:

leading to speculation: is Woodson coming back? Is Timmy planning to become a cowboy in Texas? Does he feel like a disjointed doll? Who knows.

He went on to clarify, sort of:

So long, Tim, fare thee well. I won’t say goodbye because as surely as God made tiny green apples, we’ll be signing you again for approx. $90M in about two years.

Courtney Lee, who is a Handsome Man with Great Hair and a Professional and someone I have a huge amount of respect for, was exactly as cool as you would think:

(scroll through, there are some lovely pics)

Vaya con Dios, Courtney, you’re a real mensch.

And then we have Mr. Kristaps Porzingis, or Zinger, as he will be known henceforth. This is a little weird OK, because as you know I love all of my large adult sons (except Charles Smith and Andrea Bargnani) and want them to be self fulfilled and happy, and want to see the best in them. Zinger is someone who I really tried to love, and there’s just no other way to say this but he really showed his ass and I am disappointed in him. Disappointed, I tell you.

The first we heard from the Zinger was quite a bit after the fireworks had gone down. Since the whole thing happened in the space of four hours, by evening it felt like the snow squall had passed and it was safe to take the dogs out. But no. Behold this shit, the dude’s very first post, post-trade:

Okay. That’s startlingly immature. Yikes.

And then a couple of hours later, comes this one:

You’re supposed to post this first, not the winky wink with Luka, ya big putz.

The replies are golden:

Then at around 11:15pm we got this gem, which I believe he has since deleted:

At this point I don’t give a damn what the truth is, I think this is monumentally unprofessional. All of which makes it easier to say: Thanks for the memories, Zinger, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

My Twitter lists will have to be updated, once again. Goodbye to @kporzee, @courtneylee5, @t_hardJR, and @treyburke, hello @DeAndre and @wessywes23.

Who knows where we go now or what happens in the next week? The future is unwritten, and that is exciting. Go the Knicks!