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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Break Time!

In Which The Knicks Go Places Warm

Hello my little titwillows, and welcome to the end of the All-Star Break!

How was your break? I got the flu and am still sort of woozy and weak, so bear with me here, things might get weird.

Let’s start out with Valentine’s Day, which seems like a year ago but was only last week. I have but two love nuggets for you. First, some branded Knicks valentines. I sent the first one to my boyfriend, partly because it’s awesome and partly because he’s not really a huge fan but I knew he’d at least understand the Knox one. It’s kind of a lot to expect someone to recognize an Allonzo Trier pun-based cartoon valentine.

And then we have this from OAKAAK Ron Baker, which I guess I don’t really understand? Like, Frank and Ron were that close?

Oh well, moving on...

In past years we’ve had team members jetting off to all kinds of exotic vacations over All-Star break. This year the team is almost all very young and on, shall we say, modest contracts (shoutout cap space!). I’m assuming this is why the All-Star break looked a lot more like winter break in college than Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. In short, most players went home for vacation. Home just happens to be to warmer climes for almost everyone.

Naturally, Kevin Knox started out his break at the All-Star festivities: did Dennis Smith Jr., who didn’t just compete in the Doritos Locos Tacos (R) by Taco Bell Slam Dunk Contest, he also hosted a daytime party with The Answer himself:


After his Cole-hopping Dunk Contest performance, DSJ returned home to Fayetteville, NC where he renovated some basketball courts (complete with marching band!). Dude’s got some energy.

Damyean Dotson went home to Houston and, in a common NBA rite, straight to his barber:

Super Mario Hezonja, as a former Magician (?), has a pretty chill looking place in Orlando, and a lovely dog.

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Lance Thomas (who actually lives in NY), checked out a game with his Alma Mater (not that game):

and then spent the rest of his time doing fishing stuff.

Frank probably figured getting all the way home would be a pain so looks like he went to LA. Nice choice.

Young Kev finally got back down to the warmth of Tampa:

and just-slightly-older Mitch went home to Louisiana.

Mr. & Mrs. Fiz, as the token adults in the room, went on a grown-ass vacation to Turks and Caicos. I did not go to Turks and Caicos, and you probably didn’t either, but judging by pictures, we should totally plan a trip as soon as possible.

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Drifting away ‍♀️

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But of course, all vacations come to an end, and basketball calls. Unfortunately, the weather did not welcome our boys in blue with the openest of arms. Super Mario is once again our guide:

No really he’s not happy about the weather. Although who is? This weather has been crap. Cold and dry or warm and wet. No snow to speak of. Yuck.

(This is actually a pretty funny joke on Mario’s part: Dot’s big thing [his usernames, his organization, his t-shirts] is ‘Whole Team’, so now the whole team is back. Heh heh, get it?)

(Flu meds.)

This has been quite a season, and it’s only half over. There’s a lot of basketball still to be played. Is that a promise or a threat? I dunno.

Win or lose, I’m excited for the rest of the season with our band of youngbloods.

Danger in the house and go the Knicks!