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Game Preview: Knicks vs Spurs 2/24/19

Game 23. No land in sight.

Lapping up to the schooner, all the men have died and been cast over or fallen to the overeager god of madness. I’ve developed you over this time and we’ve communicated, if in brief, with regularity. Oft is the time a pulsing horizon betrays me a land I won’t come to see. A May that may not flower. A June with no sheep to shear, nor field to plow. Will I be able to stay living in another violent July heat aboard this stray vessel?

And if there were no October to consider? If there were a life of Octobers missing. What of October, and it’s madness! What of what was harvested? No, I will dream of no future. There is no road to it. Only a map to a Valhalla with no past.

The Knicks (11-48) have 23 games remaining. I know what you’re thinking, “No! It Camby.” But yes, yes it is. The Knicks have accomplished nothing, perhaps rewound on themselves to appear now at a denuded Madison Square Garden to face the perpetually pluperfect San Antonio Spurs (33-27). A team that somehow drips every drop of their lemons against our local heroes, adrift, scurvy contusing their minds, catatonic.

Projected Starters

David Fizdale’s decision making seems to revolve around hope. For instance, he hopes Emmanuel Mudiay will put it together and make winning plays. He doesn’t seem to realize that all is lost in the city that never sleeps. Surprisingly there is a bit of hope in the unfortunate world of injury news.

This may shuttle the Knicks’ best player into the starting lineup, Mitchell Robinson. Robinson of course will have no hope guarding LaMarcus Aldridge who is all tool box and no flash. If LMA wanted to try wacky shit, Mitchell might have something for him. That will not be the case.

Key Matchup

What’s the difference? Just guard who guards you. Don’t foul, I got plans later.


The Spurs are a well oiled machine and have been since time began. Their rodeo road trip is winding down finally and they’ll surely want to have a nice snack tonight. New York is just a janky tanky, rolling up on themselves and obliterating their own psyche. As punishment for removing Latvian Heritage Night, Davis Bertans will uncork 12 three-pointers and a dunk.

Knicks by -38.

Warm Up Music

Even the waves have lapped us.