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Game Preview: Knicks vs Cavs- 2/28/19

Cleveland bringing the steam.

Welcome to the stupid party. The Knicks (13-48) have now won the big deuce: consecutive games, ya bimbo. Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers (14-47) bring their particular brand of wet steam to the Garden. In the last meeting between these two, Mitchell Robinson went ballistic and Kadeem Allen was ball-tastic.

Tank is out here trucking fools though and Kadeem is no longer with us.

For the Cavs, Larry Nance did his business on the lawn and Kevin Love nearly dumped a double-double in the first half. In the second half Love did not play as his minutes are being closely monitored, coming off the injury list. Since then, the nephew of the guy that made the Beach Boys suck.

Projected Starters

If Mitchell Robinson does not finally start, I just have no patience for this world. I suppose it’s possible David Fizdale has other things on his mind.

Uh-WHhaAATAT? Ok. Sorry folks, coach Fizdale can’t punch up the rotation, because he had to go pull someone out of the line and talk to them privately. Also, what is it with this blowhard? How is he still anything? Don’t you dare answer that.

I just don’t understand that empire. I am securing a buyout as we speak!

Key Matchup

Well why don’t the Knicks just go ahead and slot Mitchell against Kevin Love. The Cavs have been ramping up the pace as Love has gotten his sea legs. Check this nice little piece detailing how and what has been going on. If you can’t read it, the tiny version is that Love can rebound and do some of his patented outlet passing to help give Collin Sexton and pals a good kick start.

Anyway, Love is theoretically the best all around player in this contest and the folks they say things about how the team with the best player wins. Well this here is the closest the Knicks get to the playoffs.


New York comes out slugging. They have lost in some tight ones to the Cavs. Not to mention one loss was just two weeks ago! With that still somewhat ripe in their minds, this is loading up looking like a classic revenge game. Does New York ever really exact revenge? I’m thinking no.

In any case, Robinson will get a triple double tonight. 24 points, 17 rebounds, 12 blocks.

Knicks by 21. Word to Charlie Ward in a yarmulke.

Warm Up Music

They got two wins in a row. Could they really get three!? Golly, Mister Knicks, I sure do wish you could. Three consecutive wins is like the diametric opposite to 18 straight losses.