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Let’s try this again: Now accepting mock trades for a deadline mailbag!

Things have changed a wee bit in the last week.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hey friends! Remember when I asked for your mock trades a little over a week ago for a fun trade deadline mailbag?

Well, I got news for you: They were all shit! Not ONE of you managed to predict Kristaps Porzingis getting traded to the Mavericks. Disgraceful!

So, here we are. I’m giving you all a second chance. A few of the facts from before still remain the same:

  • Enes Kanter wants OUT! But does a contending team even want to pay anything to acquire him? Could the Knicks trade him and his $18 million expiring contract without taking back long-term money or giving up a valuable asset? Will the fans at the Garden shut the fuck up with the “We want Kanter” chants after he’s gone?
  • Noah Vonleh and Emmanuel Mudiay may have value to some contending team as low-cost, low-risk additions. Vonleh’s contract expires this coming offseason, and since the Knicks only signed him to a one-year deal and don’t own Bird or Early Bird rights, they don’t really lose any advantage to re-signing him this summer by trading him. Mudiay is in the final year of his rookie contract — if traded, the acquiring team would get his restricted free agent rights, allowing them to match any contract offer he may receive this offseason and get an upper hand in re-signing him.

And here’s a new wrinkle to the equation:

  • DeAndre Jordan ($22.9 million) and Wesley Matthews ($18.6 million), acquired in the Porzingis trade, are both on big expiring contracts. Both are ostensibly NBA role players that could help a team with something to play for this year. The only wrinkle to the situation is that neither one can be traded with another player on his way out — so if the Knicks trade one or the other, they have to be shipped out on their own. The Knicks can, however, receive multiple players back (for example, Jordan for Zach Randolph and Iman Shumpert from the Kings is OK; Jordan and Lance Thomas for Randolph, Shumpert and Ben McLemore is not).

As usual, CBAFAQ is a phenomenal resource if you’re curious about how any of this salary cap/trading mumbo-jumbo works.

This is the very popular ESPN NBA Trade Machine. However, if you feel like branching out, may I suggest the more full-featured TradeNBA trade machine? It includes draft picks and stuff, and doesn’t have the occasional wacky (and misleading) $0 contracts like the ESPN version. Post your trade links/screenshots below, or feel free to shoot them at @ptknicksblog on Twitter.

So, start mock trading! Send me your best, your worst, your weirdest mock trades. Just understand, if you send me a trade that’s stupid as hell, I’m gonna call it stupid as hell and enjoy every minute of that roast sesh.