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Pistons 105, Knicks 92: Scenes from the MitchRob Game (well, half, anyway)

Swooping and ooping

NBA: Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks lost again! Tonight’s was 105-92 to the Detroit Pistons. But, fortunately, that in and of itself was not the story on this night.

The main story was that Mitch Robinson, while either ripped off his ass or with a severe case of pink eye, came out and killed the Pistons in the first half tonight to the tune of a career-high-tying 13 points with 10 rebounds and two blocks.

Mitch did some lobs.

And then Mitch did some more lobs.

Overall, Mitch was incredible. It was awesome to watch. If one thing has become a sure thing this year, it’s that Mitch’s minutes will just be pure adrenaline.

Dennis Smith Jr. also showed marked improvement from his debut on Sunday. Smith had 25 points on 11-25 shooting, five rebounds and six assists. Some of that inefficiency was definitely due to learning his role on a new team, and some was just not smart play, but ultimately it was a good game for the new Knick.

This one was easily my fave from DSJ tonight:

Oh, and it was announced during the game that DSJ will be representing the Knicks in the slam dunk contest during All-Star weekend:

(Wish it could’ve been Mitch instead, but oh well.)

Other than DSJ and Mitch, there wasn’t a ton going on tonight. Knox had another inefficient double-digit scoring night, with 11 points on 4-12 shooting. This was dope from the rook, though:

DeAndre Jordan has already taken Mitch under his wing, but apparently has picked up Mitch’s trick of fouling out in under 30 minutes. He had eight points, eight boards and six fouls in 24 minutes.

Oh, and Wes Matthews just has not been able to throw it in the ocean these first two games in orange and blue: nine points on 2-11 shooting tonight.

If you feel like chatting about the MitchRob and DSJ Show tonight, call in to KnicksFanTV at 657-383-1509:

Shwin’s got the recap coming up.