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Game Preview: Knicks at Spurs- 3/15/2019

Go to the bar with us tonight!

Here come the droll Spurs (39-29). They are tied for sixth in the Western conference playoff race, a half game up on the eighth place Clippers. The Knicks (13-55) are right behind them. Last time these two teams met, the Knicks whupped ‘em and it was so exciting that Samuel L. Jackson told Spike Lee on stage at the Oscars, where that racial reconciliation fantasy took center stage.

Well shit, whatever. Tonight the real super team forms when Posting and Toasting gets together with all the other Knick blog boys to fill our minds up with liquor and drink away the pain of another lost season.

Only fourteen more of these monstrosities and I think we can all agree that Emmanuel Mudiay is not welcome back in the door when this season concludes. Give us Frank Ntilikina or give us death!

Projected Starters

The Knicks may be without Dennis Smith, Jr. tonight as he deals with lower back soreness. So that means Mudiay will get the full 48 minutes, because there is no chance of Frank Ntilikina being allowed to get on the floor. As a result, Mudiay’s chemistry-free brand of play will just be swept under the workload-rug. What a crockpot of dung.

Drink up.

Knicks: ɹſ ɥʇᴉɯS sᴉuuǝp, uosʇop uɐǝʎɯɐp, xouʞ uᴉʌǝʞ, ɥǝluoΛ ɥɐoN, uɐpɹoſ ǝɹpu∀ǝp
Spurs: sǝqɹoɟ uʎɹq, ǝʇᴉɥʍ ʞɔᴉɹɹǝp, (accidentally + “ɹ”, but too good not to leave it) uɐzoɹǝp ɹɐɯǝp, ǝƃpᴉɹplɐ snɔɹɐɯɐl, lʇlǝod qoʞɐɾ

Key Matchup

Who is going to give me a reason to watch this game? Will Mitchell Robinson get a healthy dose of LaMarcus Aldridge? Will LaMarcus Aldridge get a poison dose of Mitchell Robinson? I’d love to see the kid get beaucoup minutes against a post tactician like Aldridge. I guess I’d love it more if I wasn’t so deeply saddened by this rugged year and the close to zero percent chance of the Knicks getting Zion Williamson in the draft.

I think I’ll wash away my pain in this new blues vanity project. My lord, I’m sickened. If you like that- we can’t be friends.

Here, cleanse your palate, pals:


Oh the Spurs are gonna wallop the Knicks. Let’s not lie to ourselves. I know that Posting & Toasting is undefeated in meet ups, but something feels different this time. Prove me wrong, drink for the cause!

Knicks by -34.

Warm Up Music

Oh to be a Knick fan...