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Game Preview: Knicks at Raptors- 3/18/2019

Another game?

Well, look who decided to show up. Come on in, folks. The water’s warm because Emmanuel Mudiay pees in it. The Knicks (14-56) got a well deserved win over the dumb Lakers yesterday. Victory was sealed when Lebron James got his pitiful game winning shot attempt pounded by Mario Hezonja. It’s not often we Knick fans get to enjoy anything, so let’s continue the revelry as long as we can. Shall we?

Oh man, the shoe still fits. I think I’ll wear it out. The Knicks swept their season series over Los Angeles’ worst and most doomed basketball franchise. Which brings us to a similarly swept team. Tonight’s opponent is the Toronto Raptors (49-21) who lost to the Pistons last night. That loss gave Detroit a flawless record against Toronto this season. It also puts them in ominous playoff territory. Currently they are sixth, but wouldn’t it be something to see the Raptors crap turds into the bed if those two met in the first round of the playoffs?!

Projected Starters

Nick Nurse has the Raptors doing all sorts of funky stuff as they settle in and worry about getting healthy headed toward the playoffs. It’s highly possible that Kawhi Leonard gets his load managed today after playing last night. Kyle Lowry is dealing with an ankle injury and is questionable. Then there’s the case of Serge Ibaka who is serving the final game of his three game suspension tonight for trying to squeeze the life out of Marquese Chriss.

Key Matchup

We’ll see if the mild mannered Leonard plays. Maybe they’ll toss a stunt double out there to see if they can trick the Knicks. If Leonard and Lowry are out, I’d look for Pascal Siakam and Marc Gasol to be much more assertive. Siakam will be pitted against the rich man’s Travis Wear. With his very high heights and very low lows, Hezonja may be on the upswing as he faces the hyper-energetic Siakam. This could be a duel to the death. I hope Mario knows what he’s doing.


The Knicks are going streaking! You know it as well as I do. The depleted Raptors are facing a dangerous opponent, the overlooked, undercooked Knickerbockers. So they’ll struggle and sputter and eventually the Raptors will figure the Knicks out. The streak I’m talking about, if you hadn’t guessed, is a losing streak. Yes the Knicks will get back to their old losing standards starting tonight. At least they might have a chance. Brawl outta control, fellers.

Knicks by -5.

Warm Up Music

No relation to Grace so far as I know.