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Game Preview: Knicks vs Nuggets, 3/23/2019

Goodnight, Mr. Pocket.

The Nuggets (48-22) will come to the Garden tonight in search of Mr. Pocket. The Knicks (14-58) will be standing in the stream, watering the fish. There are ten (count ‘em 10) games remaining in this dreadful season for New York. It couldn’t come sooner.

Where are you, Mr Pocket?

Projected Starters

Frank Ntilikina wasn’t allowed to practice because the Knicks didn’t have a full squad. So no five-on-five means he is still questionable. I’d rant extensively about Frank but what’s the use? He stinks on offense, he is wise beyond his years on defense. He needs to be on the floor, getting reps. Winning games hasn’t been a concern since last past November when.

Key Matchup

I know our trusted editor will be staring daggers at Nikola Jokic. To me this game seems like a Jamal Murray classic in the making. Spinning his old teammate, Emmanuel Mudiay, like a top and then flicking him off the table. On the other end, Mudiay will do his patented half twist to get fake separation, jump ⅝ of an inch of the floor and float to one side for a rumpled leaner.

So, yea. Like that but double.


Frank won’t play. Minnesota will win the draft lottery. The Knicks will fall to fifth. Then trade Frank and their pick to Boston for the right to move up to fourth. Where they will select RJ Barret, who proceeds to Shabazz Muhammed’s his way out of the league over the course of his rookie contract.

Knicks by -39.

Warm Up Music