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Game Preview: Knicks vs Clippers, 3/24/2019

Los Angeles comes to the real clip joint.

Whatever evil befalls this franchise as a result of being the generational butt of the joke, please let it be kind to our pious fandom.

So, yea. Have you been watching the madness? Oh, you’re too good? You need that A+ NBA viewing material? Well you’re in luck, because this game will be a contest between the Knicks (14-59), who would annihilate any and all comers in the tourney, against the Clippers (43-30) who will be dominating the Knicks by the end of the first quarter. Either then or whenever David Fizdale relents and puts Frank Ntilikina in the game. You’re fighting for a lost cause, New York.

The Clippers, contrarily, are fighting for their playoff slot. Tied for fifth coming into today, they have a reasonable shot at getting home court advantage in the first round. Five of their remaining nine games (including today) are against the Knicks, Timberwolves, Cavs, Grizzlies and Lakers. Toss in Rockets and Warriors teams who might sit stars to not risk injury; this team might be free-soloing on upward.

Projected Starters

Frank Ntilikina was allowed to play again! He should start somewhere in there now. He won’t. Frank was still a wary scorer, but may have beefed up them muscles in his time off. Looked big. He also came in and immediately had kinetic energy with the Block Ness Monster. That spells hellfire for the league.

Key Matchup

I think the Knicks should play a 1-3-1 zone. With Mitchell Robinson in the center of it and Ntilikina at the top of it. Kadeem Allen and Damyean Dotson on the wings. Luke Kornet on the back line.

Whatever annoys Pat Beverley is the right thing to do. I’m sure he is bothered by every single thing on this earth, but I’m after what truly infuriates him.

Let’s hope Lou Williams doesn’t play. He’s too good.


Emmanuel Mudiay will catch a pass on the wing, find himself open for a clean three point try. Instead of letting it go, he will wait for the defense to recover to him. The defender will close out over Mudiay’s shooting shoulder, daring him to drive left. Mudiay will drive one or two dribbles left, then cross over to his right, to be back in front of the defender.

Something like this:

Knicks by -33.

Warm Up Music