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Game Preview: Raptors at Knicks, 3/28/2019

Didn’t they just play these cretaceous creeps? Oh I can barely bare it. Eight more games to go on this wretched season. Emmanuel Mudiay has been gotten right and whatever other babble David Fizdale is feeding us these days. The stench of his (statistical) basic competence for two weeks early in the year and for the final month when opponents stopped caring is grotesquely odious.

The Raptors are so much better than the Knicks that they should move ahead in the game due to time constraints. Oh, here’s my bus, please throw me under it.

Projected Starters

Same stuff for the Knicks. Or is it!?

Holy Toledo! Whole team Korn. Raise up, Lucas. Shoot shots. Go for the glory. Nothing at all matters. Frank Ntilikina’s third leg and second neck either fell off or have been amputated. Pity party at my place earlier. You missed it. The time to go came and went.

Key Matchup

What will Mudiay do when no one is looking? He’s surely set to have his way against this lackluster Toronto defense. I mean it’s lackluster for a top ten or five or whatever defense it is.

Whatever, Canada. I don’t have the time or patience to respect you today and that’s exactly how Big Mūd is gonna feel too. Get ready for it, Dinos!


Kyle Lowry dives on the floor taking Mitchell Robinson’s legs out from under him. Mitchell leaves the game with a high ankle sprain and is done for the year. He does not record a block in his short stint.

Knicks by -26.

Warm Up Music