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Game Preview: Knicks at Clippers 3/3/2019

Get in, we got 20 games until the tank is officially empty.

It’s pretty normal around these parts to see a team face the Knicks (13-49) and have a reason to fight for a win. Today the Clippers (35-29) welcome the Knicks to town and hope to put an extra bit of distance between themselves and the ninth place Kings in the Western playoff race. At the same time they could vault ahead of the Spurs for the seventh seed. Something tells me that if they’re going to the playoffs, they’d like to avoid the Warriors. Thankfully for Los Angeles, the Knicks are kinda good at helping teams find their footing.

Twenty games remain for the Knicks. This quick westerly trip they’ll also visit the fast paced Kings, then zip down to the tanker-drome to face Phoenix. Then back to the Garden to see the Kings one more time and then they’ll hit the road again. This poor, poor team.

Projected Starters

DeAndre Jordan might be back for the Knicks, which would imply we know who will play the role of Not Mitchell Robinson today. He might still be on the fritz, but I assume he’d like to at least get some minutes against his old team if he can go.

Still no Frank Ntilikina.

Expect an extra helping of Emmanuel Mudiay again. Certainly he’ll be handed the reins in the closing moments despite having his blinders on. I don’t think I could more bored to tears by a player than I am by Mudiay. Even Lance Thomas, who is just the forward version of Big Mūd, somehow manages to make me feel something, however bad.

Since suffering is our only reality, I would like to point out that we are all suffering, and therefore: you are very much not alone in your suffering. We are one in our suffering and to be one, is to be at peace. The unification of this experience will guide us to nirvana or like... some never ending hell scape. But wherever we end up, I hope we still get to hang out.

Key Matchup

Danilo Gallinari was flown from the coop many chicken dinners ago at this point. Now he is cock of the walk in Clipper-ville. Of course Lou Williams has several claims to state in that regard, but for now we’re most interested in il Gallo.

Danilo has really come into his own as a pro and currently has a cool black eye. All the flashes of potential we saw in New York have actualized for him and now he oxygenates the Blipper’s blood vessels. Injury remains a concern, but he’s so fun to root for and I wish the last rookie the Knicks signed to a second deal was him and not Charlie Ward.

He’s currently winning games for the Clips doing whatever it takes and he knows how to make lasting friendships.

Relationship goals. How many of us have them?


Montrezl Harrell is gonna stop acting crazy when Mitchell Robinson tosses some of his shit into the stratosphere. Somewhat strangely, the mad dog in Harrell might actually find the space to cram home some wild, flailing dunks by finishing underneath the outstretched arms of the Block Ness Monster. Nevertheless a victim list:

  • Lou Williams driving left step back 16-footer, blocked and recovered.
  • Montrez offensive rebound jump hook, sent to the 6th row.
  • Ivica Zubac goes up for a dunk and is sent completely in reverse, falling on his ass.
  • Gallinari, drive to right block, pump fake, spin left, step thru, re-fucking-jected.

New York won’t be able to keep pace with LA today. Patrick Beverly is going to try to injure Allonzo Trier, so look out for that. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander will back cut Kevin Knox at some point. Perhaps several points. Wilson Chandler will be very quiet.

Knicks by -23.

Warm Up Music

It’s Hollywood, babe.