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Heat 100, Knicks 92: Scenes from a sloppy sludge fest

Mitchell Robinson was the best player in this game.

San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks
This guy asked Dwyane Wade for his jersey at the end of the game and Wade said, “Nah I’m already giving it away.”
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In a season with a stench so foul as this beast, you must find the little joys to help you actively recover from the aching, throbbing pain. So the high probability that this was the last time I will ever have to watch Dwyane Wade’s annoying ass play basketball is a glorious occasion.

This guy has been bothering me for nearly twenty years. I relished watching the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs best and eviscerate, respectively, his Heat teams in the Finals. I, a Knicks fan, relished something the Spurs accomplished! Let those piss clams fog your glasses for a minute. His first championship with the Shaq Heat was also slathered in the greenest referee blood of all time.

Anyway, the Garden faithful was much classier than I am. They cheered and chanted for Wade as he got up to check in to the game. What I will say, in earnest, is he and Gabrielle Union seem like really happy and wonderful people. I think they are excellent role models, and I wish them continued success and happiness. I’m just a blubbering basketball blog bum.

To the game...

Mitchell Robinson is phenomenal and sent Wade packing several times right from the jump. He’s the best!

This one didn’t count, but it’s far too good not to share with you.

I mean, if Emmanuel Mudiay is connecting on alley oops, something must be wrong. So it makes sense.

After two quarters, starting Mitchell proved to be a smart approach, and it helped the Knicks take the early lead. What’s not to love about this kid?

The Knicks came out a little more stiff in the third and only got 18 points on the board. Thankfully Dennis Smith Jr. did to Kelly Olynyk what I asked Mario Hezonja to do in the preview.

In the fourth the Heat took control. New York wasn’t able to score for four minutes until a technical foul on Hassan Whiteside sent Mudiay to the line. From there the Heat just controlled the tempo and sent the Knicks packing. Only 13 points for the team in the fourth. Ouchies.

The “Let’s Go Heat” chant at the end of the game was disgusting. Do better, New York. Recap from the Professor to come later on.