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Wassup In Westchester: W-Knicks’ championship hopes are dashed by Lakeland

Big runs and baskets were exchanged but it wasn’t enough as the W-Knicks’ playoff run ended on Friday.

Westchester Knicks/Twitter

As the immediate aftermath of the Westchester Knicks’ season begins following their playoff elimination, there are plenty of things to keep in perspective. Whether it was having various players called up to the NY Knicks or obtaining several accomplishments and great moments, the W-Knicks had a lot to be proud of in 2019. And it’s something, they will focus on quite a bit as their off-season began late Friday night.

After beginning the 2019 G-League playoffs by defeating the Windy City Bulls, 95-82, the W-Knicks would travel down south to face the No. 2 seed of the Eastern Conference, Lakeland Magic. And although, the W-Knicks would play their way back into this game, they couldn’t replicate Wednesday’s success as the Magic quickly controlled everything en route to winning 104-91.

When looking at either opponent, the W-Knicks had their share of ways to exploit mismatches and win. It’s actually something which happened against Windy City during the opening round. Why? Because the W-Knicks stifled their opposition’s three-point shooting and forced them to shoot contested shots. And with their defense being so effective, it enabled their offensive efforts.

The W-Knicks had five players score double-digit points, including Jameel Warney and Billy Garrett who had 20 a piece. The closest, Windy City came within the W-Knicks was a eight-point deficit late in the second half. And ironically enough, this was the same situation, we watched the W-Knicks get into while facing the Magic. After creating a eight point deficit midway through the third quarter, the W-Knicks fell behind and would trail the Magic by 21 points, thus making them noncompetitive.

But to conclude what is my final “Wassup In Westchester” piece of this season, I want to thank a few people:

Ajah Hawley-Alexander - Thank you for being a great media relation person to work with! You handled every request of mine in a timely manner and made our jobs so much easier. Plus our post-game conversations were always hilarious between me, you, and Chris.

Chris Priczak - I truly enjoyed covering these W-Knicks games with you and there aren’t many people, better at covering the G-League than you. Please know that! Your knowledge of everything about this league is so impressive and you taught me a lot.

Rich Maher - After attending one of your game day services with some of the players and general manager Allan Houston, my belief in you went to another level. You’re such a good chaplain and your ability to balance lessons of faith, patience, and our love in the lord can’t be overlooked. God bless you!

The security staff/food servers at the Westchester County Center - For the great job you do when protecting, serving, and assisting me and nearly two thousand other attendees of W-Knicks home games. I hope you guys get paid well and on time!

And most importantly... the players and coaches! My job can’t be done if wasn’t for those groups of hard-working men who are doing everything possible to keep their basketball dreams alive, while also providing incredible actions and thoughts on a nightly basis. In the words of Kevin Durant, you “are the real MVP.”