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Suns 107, Knicks 96: Scenes from the Knicks going Tank Super Saiyan

The Suns plopped a Spirit Bomb on the Knicks

NBA: New York Knicks at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I had the (dis)pleasure of writing the recap for the Knicks-Clippers game on Sunday, which I naively called “one of the worst” losses of the year. These Knicks ain’t done tanking yet though!

Tonight was ugly, but also weirdly beautiful for its tank majesty. The Knicks and Suns traded turnovers (Knicks — they finished with a very uncharacteristic 21 for the game) for poor shooting (Suns) in the first quarter, which saw the Knicks lead by a handful of points. Then the Suns came back in the second and led by two at halftime. After halftime, it all blew up.

My word counter says I was at 89 before I started this sentence, so let’s see if I can get to 200. It’s going to be tough, because there really was so few good things in this 107-96 loss by the first-worst team in the NBA to the second-worst team in the NBA.

Noah Vonleh continued his hot play of late with 15 points, even if he had a low rebounding total with just two:

Mitchell Robinson just can’t help but be entertaining at the very least, so he of course dazzled with eight points, eight rebounds, four blocks and two steals, even if he shot an uncharacteristic 3-7 from the floor and didn’t catch an alley-oop all night:

DeAndre Jordan had 17 points and 14 rebounds in his return from injury.

Damyean Dotson scored 15 on 6-12 shooting, and Dennis Smith Jr. also had 15 and six assists.

OH, and Clyde was in rare form tonight:

Alright, that’s 281 words. Perfect! Let’s just revel in the Knicks thoroughly owning first place in the tank standings and leave it at that.