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Game Preview: Bulls at Knicks- 4/1/2019

Big game for the tank.

Today’s game is worth an additional three percentage points for the 2019 draft lottery odds because it’s the season series tie-breaker! So cinch up them sneaks, friends. If the Knicks lose, they gain a distinct advantage over the Bulls if and only if the Knicks lose today. If the Knicks win, the Bulls pull within three percentage points of the Knicks. That’s a six percent swing if the Knicks beat the Bulls!

As it currently stands New York (14-62) is barely at risk of losing the season battle by winning because Chicago (21-56) has proven to be enough of a winner for the Knicks to lose. Having said that, I know losing has been winning for the greater part of the year, but winning in lieu of losing today would be an egregious blunder.

Projected Starters

Uh, WHAT!? How are the Knicks gonna lose to this crew!? I guess there’s some good news because the Bulls have called in the recruits.

Oh boy, I just don’t know if the Knicks can lose this one. Lauri Markkanen is done for the year. Otto Porter is out for at least four games. Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn are day-to-day. The Bulls are also without Wendell Carter Jr., Denzell Valentine and Chandler Hutchison who have each gone down for the year.

Who is gonna walk through that door?

Ok, sure, Walt Lemon Jr., but who else? Dude, how are the Knicks gonna lose this one? They have finally committed to starting Mitchell Robinson which gives them so much more leverage to be ballsy and go for the glory. I am legitimately woried that they can win this game. The timing just simply could not be worse and there is so much at stake!

Key Matchup

I’m really excited to see the matchup of Damyean Dotson against Brandon... uh... [checks notes] Brandon Sampson. Yea. Should be interesting?

Wait a second, look at this:

Maybe there’s something there. When life gives you Walt Lemon, ask for some more lemons, make a lemonade and lemon bars. Lemon curd. Lemon merengue pie. Lemon chicken. Lemon cake. Lemon ice.

Look, here, there’s a lot riding on this game. Make it work.


The Knicks finally have enough talent to overmatch their opponent. Damn it. Normally that would be exciting but the huge swing in lottery odds just makes the this taste bitter. Robin Lopez will prove to be one of the most challenging opponents of the season for young Mitchell. Maybe there’s something there.

Thankfully none of these guys are on the scouting report. Therefore the Knicks won’t know how to play them. Those precious three percentage points are secure.

Knicks by -13.

Warm Up Music

J/K. Doesn’t matter either way.