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Knicks 113 , Bulls 105: Scenes from the Battle of Kursk

Stink > stank.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle in human history.

Was. The 21-56 Chicago Bulls, now 21-57 after falling to the 15-win New York Knicks, started these.

That’s like Ringo Starr doing open mic with four randos he met at a farmer’s market. Clyde Frazier called them “an eclectic group of players.” Team Eclectic was septic and the Knicks took advantage.

The game started back and forth, but after a 15-all tie New York went on a 22-2 run that proved decisive. Also decisive: Mitchell Robinson. It’s not just that April Fool’s Day baby Robinson tips so many shots from 20+ feet out. It’s that he generally destroys them.

The Bulls, losers of 12 of 15, fourth-worst record in the league a year after losing two-thirds of their games and missing Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, Otto Porter, Wendell Carter Jr. and Kris Dunn were featuring April Fool’s Day baby and poster child Robin Lopez in their offense. It was working.

But 22-2 runs are basically a universal panacea.

The Knicks got out to a 28-point lead, their biggest of the season and just the fifth time all year they’ve been up 20+. Isn’t that something? It really was like a dream. You know it’s a whupping when you see guys comfortable doing things you never see them try against legit competition.

Chicago’s players’ chests feature beating hearts, though, and they’d cut the lead in half. Luke Kornet got dunked on by St. John’s alum* JaKarr Sampson (*alum = played there more than one year but fewer than four...or three).

Alas. Luketh learneth.

Dot was hot, too.

Dot and Luke blank’d the blank from deep, hitting 11 of 14 beyond the arc.

Late in the third Mitchell looked to have hurt his foot, and perhaps seeing Goliath stumble, the Bulls cut the gap to 5 in the fourth. Perhaps getting off to such a big lead caused the Knicks to grow relaxed. A little too relaxed?

The Knicks got the Bulls in the penalty early in the fourth. A godsend? Pro’ly. Another godsend = Robinson. It’s at the point where when a guard or wing isolates against him on the perimeter, especially with the shot clock under 10, you know they’re not getting a shot off. They may as well hold the ball and accept the 24-second violation; at least then there’s no risk of the block leading to a fast break.

Let’s see that again in super slow-motion.

Seven points late from Emmanuel Mudiay, who shot poorly before a late flourish, equaled winning time. The Knicks won the game. They winning the war, too?

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