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Chef Guy Fieri is trying to keep Kevin Durant away from the Knicks

Oh no!

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The New York Knicks have emerged as perhaps the front-runners to sign superstar forward Kevin Durant this summer. But nothing ever comes easy for these Knickerbockers. Even now, powerful forces are massing in the West to lure Kevin Durant back to the Warriors. And New York’s most powerful geographic rival might not be the Bay Area, but rather Flavortown, USA.

Super-chef Guy Fieri, the archduke of Flavortown, threw down the gauntlet in a recent interview with GQ: If Durant stays in the Bay, Fieri will cook for him and anyone else in his entourage:

“Tell me what you need,” Fieri said. “If there is a such thing as an inspiration dinner that I need to cook to bring all the dignitaries together—all the players, his team, his mom, you name it—well, consider that meal cooked.”

Fieri added: “You tell me what I can do. Tell me how I need to flex my food muscles, and I’ll make it happen.”

Welp, we’re screwed. Guy Fieri is about to flex his food muscles and woo Durant like the sirens of Greek myth. Does New York City even have restaurants? Is there no celebrity chef/Knicks fan who will challenge Fieri here? I think I’ve seen Bobby Flay sitting courtside at MSG a few times, but I’m not certain. Ah, here he is, cooking on MSG Network. You know what you have to do now, Bobby Flay: quit your job and become Durant’s personal chef. Do it for the orange and blue.