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Magic 114, Knicks 100: Scenes from some Nets schadenfreude

They’re all The Mitchell Robinson Game now.

NBA: New York Knicks at Orlando Magic Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Like Fredo Corleone jeopardizing Michael’s hold on power, the New York Knicks compromised the Brooklyn Nets’ playoff push, falling in Orlando 114-100. If you care that much about the bigger picture, you’re pro’ly the type who defends Godfather III on the grounds that the greatness of the trilogy in total overrides any individual flaws. But you know what? That film stinks and so do these Knicks. If Zion Williamson is a Knick in a few months, consider these lost nights Sofia Coppola and be grateful.

Be especially grateful for Mitchell Robinson.

Your newest Knick, Billy Garrett, scored his first NBA points. Welcome aboard, B-Gar!

Really, though, it’s all about Mitch. One Life To Mitch. General Mitch. As The Mitch Turns. Everybody Loves Mitch. Everybody Hates Non-Mitch. Even when he ain’t playing, he’s just totes adorbs.

Oh, right. There was a game tonight. So the Knicks got off to a scorching start, but Orlando stormed back to go up 13 at the half, helped by future Laker free-agent consolation prize Nikola Vučević.

All right, enough of that North Florida tripe. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

In the second half, hay más Vučević.

Terrence Ross hit three threes late in quarter number three. This isn’t those, but it’s something.

Kevin Knox had family drive up from Tampa and being a good boy, he did things for them.

But we both know you’re not here for that. Even the absence of Robinson creates highlights.

Whereas the presence? Oy, such presence!

Mario Hezonja had a big second half against the Magic, a storyline that seems to make sense to lots of people, as if he should resent the team that made him a top-five pick and paid him millions while he revealed himself to be something short of that.

Unfortunately as good as he was tonight, there was but one Hezonja and far too many other Knicks. Also too many Magic. Too much Magic. Magics. Magicks. Whatever. When you see Khem Birch out there, the Human Victory Cigar, you know them pipes is calling, Danny boy.

Brooklyn is losing. Miami’s in a dogfight with the Celtics. Alex Wolfe has your recap tomorrow in the a.m. Life is beautiful.