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Game Preview: Knicks at Rockets, 4/5/2019

Chris Paul is more unlikeable than James Harden.

In a flash of light the story slowed and told the nanoseconds of a gruesome accident. Houston plays that story over and over in your head as they flatten out the floor and isolate at the top of the key. From there it’s either a three or they get to the line with minimal variation. The Rockets (51-38) are just some unctuous top tier Western Conference team fighting for home court advantage in the playoffs. Give me a break, there’s a million of teams like that.

The Knicks (15-63) don’t want to have any problems in Houston. They are not trying to foul. A light contest will be enough of a rattle to keep them off balance. Emmanuel Mudiay can’t score like that, just let him try to go off. I still hope Mitchell Robinson just goes up and blocks Mudiay just to grab it and dunk it. Please don’t jump into the Knicks, let’s get this shit over with.

Projected Starters

Good luck, punks.

Key Matchup

I miss Frank Ntilikina. I always miss him. I so, so, so loathe Mudiay’s game.


Houston has no interest in losing this game there is just enough riding on it with regard to playoff seeding. They may be willing to risk resting some stars if they need a load managed. More than likely they’ll try to find that rest in the fourth quarter. Early blitz leads to late sleeper.

Knicks by -7, but they get down by as much as 36.

Warm Up Music