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Game Preview: Knicks vs Wizards, 4/7/2019

And to top it off...

Starks got ejected.

Three sad more games to go! Tonight and then a back to back against the Bulls and Pistons, on the road and at home, respectively. The Wizards (32-48) and the Knicks (15-64) both have won two of their last ten games. They are really coming completely undone as the season unwinds.

I wonder if Lance Thomas is organizing a fishing trip. Where’s my invite? You think Lance will be back? In the league? Oh, I kid. What is there to talk about? Texas Tech versus Virginia tomorrow. I’m sure the Knicks will be fishing in that pool. Tonight, let’s just go out there, play hard and stay injury free.

Projected Starters

The Mario Hezonja point guard experience did not disappoint. Which isn’t to say the Knicks aren’t truly, utterly, devastatingly disappointing. But hell yea! Let’s keep it rocking! The Knicks will be without Frank Ntilikina, hopefully Emmanuel Mudiay and whatever. Let’s watch Billy Garret get loose.

The Wizards are like... healthy or whatever. Not healthy? Oh yea John Wall is unhealthy. Oh yea, same goes for Hall of Fame candidate Dwight Howard, the weird defense-hating Jabari Parker, former Knicks Trevor Ariza. Who cares? So close to the end here.

Key Matchup

Mark up, who’s on Whitey Fisk? Who’s got Fragile Frankie?

Hey, if you set it to 34 speed maybe you can D up, punks!

We’ll see if this new guy can handle the workload.


I have a sneaking suspicion that you will watch something other than the Knicks tonight! Perhaps Barry season two, episode two. Maybe you’ll catch up on all of season one in anticipation because you’ve been hearing so much about it.

While you’re out there trying to cultur-tize your mind. The Knicks will try to win this game. They are trying to avoid having the worst record in franchise history. Meanwhile Bradley Beal might believe he is closing in on All NBA Team bid. He might try to flame the Knicks. We already know that he doesn’t believe he sucks.

I’m inclined to agree. So be on the lookout for 54 points from Beal tonight. And while you’re out there watching something more compelling you’re gonna miss the John Jenkins 44-point explosion. He’ll pump in 28 in the second half.

Knicks by -14.

Warm Up Music