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Game Preview: Knicks at Bulls, 4/9/2019

Knicks and Bulls hit the stage one last time.

Take the penultimate.

As the regular season draws to a close these two stumbling teams collide one last time to spill their last tank of oil over the depleting glacier of sadness. This cruel and trying season has sucked the life out of a once thriving rivalry. Now both teams hope to limp over the end line with the hope of a rebirth that could set fire to this historically bad year. It’s actually ok to commiserate with Chicago fans, we’ve all been terror eyes’d.

The Bulls (22-58) come into tonight looking for revenge after the Knicks (16-64) beat them in New York last week. What they may not know is... Mario Hezonja is the point guard now.

Projected Starters

Good luck matching up with that, punks!

Key Matchup

Walt Lemon Jr. has been legit hooping for the Bulls and generating some real buzz for himself. Too bad it’s all coming to a close for him as he squares off against the behemoth himself, Point Hezonja. Super Mario is a whole other beast when he’s running the show. It’s an entertaining brand of basketball that you were not aware you needed.

It makes perfect sense, though. Waive Emannuel Mudiay, Max Hezonja, trade (inevitably) the fifth pick.


It’s tough to beat a team two times in a row. That’s why the Knicks have decided to change their fundamental make up in the least week of the season. Whole different team.

Knicks by 6.

Warm Up Music