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The Knicks got the 3rd pick in the Draft

Look on this pick ye mighty and despair.

Quality Control
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

There it is, folks. The lottery happened and the Knicks dropped down. I thought for sure they’d drop to fifth and it felt like a certainty when the Lakers jumped the line. Nevertheless here we are. Zion Williamson will go to New Orleans and help David Griffin try to salvage the Pelicans’ immediate future. Whether he’s enough to keep Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday engaged is the millions-of-dollars question.

Yea maybe they’ll have to settle for a lesser prospect but at least they save a couple bucks in salary cap space. Thanks for making me look at the bright side, Nets supremacist Bobby Marks.

The other bright spot is that the Dallas Mavericks lottery pick conveyed to the Atlanta Hawks. Therefore the two first round picks New York received in the dum dingus trade will come this way sooner, in 2021 and 2023. The first of those is unprotected and the second one is top ten protected. Maybe the Knicks will stop being in the lottery by then.

Patrick Ewing is still the man and I love him. We came, we saw, we got knocked down a couple pegs. Such is Knick fandom.