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Could Kevin Durant get his own show on MSG Network if he signs with the Knicks?

Wow, what an offer.

The 2014 ESPYS - Arrivals
Kevin Durant: TV show host?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Many Knicks fans are hopeful that Kevin Durant will be showing up on their television screens a whole lot next season, and rumor has it that if KD does decide to make Madison Square Garden his new home, he’ll be handed his very own TV show on MSG Network.

However, let’s place emphasis on the rumor has it. The scuttlebutt was first reported by Marc Berman of the New York Post, who has spent the first few weeks of the Knicks’ offseason attempting to stoke the KD fire.

For instance, there’s this article about an unreleased, unauthorized biography of KD that “gives pages of clues on why he will never feel complete by finishing his career [in Golden State.]” Or how about this article, in which Berman called NaVorro Bowman, a former NFL player and childhood friend of Durant, who said KD “needs” the Knicks.

According to the story predicting that KD is in line to have his very own TV show on MSG, “if Kevin Durant lands here, it’s already being speculated among industry insiders he’d host his own show on MSG Network.” Unfortunately, we have no idea who those industry insiders are, and there is literally no other information related to what this hypothetical KD show would look like.

Would it be your standard basketball-related show where Durant gets interviewed by one of the MSG talents, such as Alan Hahn or Wally Szczerbiak? A game show à la Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right where KD himself is the host? A version of Naked and Afraid where KD and a teammate try to play a game with no clothes on? A network sitcom where there’s no cursing allowed? A reboot of Game of Thrones starring KD as The Prince Who Was Promised?

The possibilities are endless, but this is where that speculation comes to an end. Feel free to post your own ideas for what KD’s show could be in the comments.

The Berman article seems to try and connect the rumor with the recent revelation that ratings for Knicks games dropped by 38 percent this season, although if the Knicks get KD, there’s no reason to think that ratings wouldn’t shoot back up faster than Sonic the Hedgehog can run.

Mike Vorkunov over the at The Athletic used his journalism skills to ask some people about the idea of KD getting a show on MSG Network, and he reported that The KD Show is unlikely to come to pass.

Bleacher Report also got in on the speculation, reporting how it’s actually quite common for players “across the sports spectrum have self-named shows on their team’s local television affiliate.”

At this point, Durant might as well leave the Warriors mid-playoff run so he can get a leg up on looking for a place to live in New York next season.

Speaking of which, for his part, Durant is indeed in the midst of a playoff run, something the Knicks used to know a lot about. Durant seems to be blocking out the speculation and focusing on the game of basketball. In eight playoff games thus far, Durant is averaging a fairly impressive 34.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.9 assists, 1.4 steals and 1.3 blocks. He’s shooting 53% from field, 41% from three and 90.5% from the free throw line.

If you combined this season’s per game scoring averages of Kevin Knox, Allonzo Trier, Mitchell Robinson and Frank Ntilikina, they’d post about 37 points per contest, just barely beating what Durant has done in the playoffs by himself.

Yeah, It’s safe to say the Knicks could use KD.