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Knicks talent evaluators might like Cam Reddish far too much

Reddish dead-ish irredeemable.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Duke vs UCF
Cam Reddish losing himself in the moment.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting story came out this afternoon from Ian Begley about Knick talent evaluators possibly liking Duke’s freshman wing Cam Reddish. Begley has always been pretty well connected, and as such this report shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether it will carry real weight come draft night is still to be determined.

The draft lottery is one week from today and New York won’t know where their first rounder lands until then, but they can’t fall below fifth. Certainly they’ll target a player that can impact their roster from day one, and the big dream is Reddish’s teammate Zion Williamson.

As for Cam, the Knicks do have their second round spot solidified with the 55th pick, and Reddish would be a great value if he has good workouts and is still hanging around at the end of the night. An interesting mix of length and quickness with a pretty little picture of a jump shot. Of course, I was hoping Jay Huff would be available at that spot, but it looks like he didn’t declare.

Huff has come a long way since his skinny freshman days. He’ll always be slim, but he could pretty easily fill the Luke Kornet role while being a little more springy and fleet of foot. Watch Huff get to the rim and finish above it with ease.

I’m not really clear why the video’s owner thinks it’s a secret. Huff has been stuffing and roughing the backboard since High School.

Can’t get enough of that good-good? Peep the reverse angle.

As a sophomore this year, Huff shot 45% from downtown while netting 18.9 points, 9.2 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per 40 on the men’s national championship team. He’s so much better than Reddish it almost doesn’t even make sense to compare them.

Funnily enough, even after winning the title -- something Reddish was unable to do -- Huff still thinks he has something to prove. Contrarily, Cam just wasn’t the floor spacer Zion and the Blue Devils needed over the course of the year despite his irrational billing. He shot much worse than Huff (surprise, surprise), and was a step down from Williamson even though Zion’s perceived weakness and Cam’s perceived strength was shooting!

Reddish didn’t only struggle from three, he was unable to make many of his two’s and was specifically horrendous at the rim. His detractors make sense, his supporters have a jillion excuses. Fact of the matter is, Cam Reddish didn’t play like an NBA prospect against college talent. He’s such a classic bust that he’s bound to be drafted by the Celtics then traded to the Nets. At yourself.